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Baked Apple

Baked Apple Money in Zelda – Apple of My Eye

Baked Apples? In Rito village you meet a girl Juney who loves them, and is willing to pay you for each one you give her. She says the more you bring, the more she’ll pay. I was curious what her highest price was, how much will Juney pay per baked apple? So I started this experiment.

While baking the apples, I found that doing them in batches of 10 worked best. ( Load 5 up & drop them in a campfire twice ) Any more apples than that and you get less baked apples than you put in since some will disappear.

Note: You receive far more rupees from Juney than the money you would get selling the apples plain or in a cooked dish.

5 Baked Apples
30 Rupees

50 Baked Apples
500 Rupees

100 Baked Apples
1200 Rupees

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